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For Successful Children, Parents and Schools

Do you have children in your life who:

  • Theres Always Something Going Rightappear angry or defiant?
  • are anxious?
  • have ADD or ADHD?
  • have an autism spectrum disorder?
  • experience low self esteem?
  • have trouble focusing?
  • have poor social skills/few friends?
  • exhibit temper tantrums?
  • do not respond to traditional discipline techniques?

Do you, as a parent or teacher:

  • find yourself yelling all the time?
  • feel like you’re not having any fun with your kids?
  • dread going to work?
  • feel stressed out or anxious?
  • feel depressed?
  • experience a lack of self confidence?

If any of the above sound familiar to you, Nurtured Heart Consulting can help!